VB Cable – die Alternative zum Virtual Audio Cable!

Guten Morgen!
VB Cable ist eine echte (Freeware) Alternative zur kostenpflichtigen Software Virtual Audio Cable. Mit dieser Software könnt ihr beispielsweise in Fraps-Aufnahmen den Teamspeak Sound ausblenden!
Wie man das VB Cable installiert und richtig einstellt, zeige ich euch in diesem Video!
Viel Spaß!

English tutorial:

  1. Download the zip-package from developers website.
  2. Extract the zip-package.
  3. Start „VBCABLE_Setup.exe“ for 32-Bit OS or „VBCABLE_Setup_x64.exe“ for a 64-Bit Operating System.
    This is really important: Start as ADMINISTRATOR! Otherwise the setup can fail or won’t work!
  4. Click „Install Driver“ in the bottom right corner and wait for the following window.
  5. Open Audio Output as shown in the Video (01:46) and change „CABLE Input“ to standard device. Headset should now be the „standard communication device“.
  6. Switch to Audio Input. Possibly you might have to deactivate your soundcard. In a next step, change „CABLE Output“ to standard device.
  7. By clicking your right mouse button on the „CABLE Output“ and click on properties, a new window will show, where you click on sound (03:06). Check the box for „Use this device as player“. Thats important!
  8. Choose your „playing device“ (maybe Headset or other Audio Output) in the selection below and hit apply.
  9. Start Fraps – Movies. Deactivate „Record Win7 Sound“ and activate „Record external input“. In the field below should now be „CABLE Output (VB-Audio Virtual Cable)“.
    Other recording softwares will work equally.
  10. Start Teamspeak and check, if your playing device and your microphone are „standard“.